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registered agent provider Nevada, Illinois, Delaware, Florida

   Professional & Reliable Agent Services

resident agent services registered delaware nevada illinois ** NEW ONLINE CORPORATE COMPLIANCE MANAGEMENT TOOLS FOR ALL REGISTERED AGENT CLIENTS.**

Online Orders Only - Valid in All States

We provide complete Statutory Representation / Registered Agent services nationwide and around the globe.  In addition to responsive customer service and "common sense" pricing, we provide FREE access to an array of online member services to our Registered Agent clients.

Order must be placed prior to December 31st, 2006.
Our new Corporate Compliance Manager ("CCM") provides  a quick, easy and flexible way to manage your officer, director, stockholder and stock information and corporate minute books. In addition, CCM integrates your corporate tax / compliance management functions so you will never miss a critical date or corporate function.  Free access is now included with your Agent Services.

What is a Registered Agent?

Most states require that a registered agent be listed for the business in  the state of incorporation or a state in which it is doing business. The state will suspend any company if it fails to maintain an agent. The purpose of the Registered Agent (sometimes referred to as a Resident Agent) is to maintain a consistent physical legal address in the state in which it is incorporated or doing business. It also will receive governmental and legal correspondence, including your annual report, any delinquency notices and many other documents that your company may be required to respond or take action.  An officer, director, employee or even a shareholder may act as the registered agent if they meet the state requirements.  Parcorp Services and its affiliated offices offers registered agent services in all states at affordable annual rates Our service will allow you to maintain your confidentiality and will also allow you to move the business without having to change the registered agent.  As a great incentive we are waiving any set-up fees.

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Why do I need a Registered Agent?

Most states require that corporations and LLC’s designate an individual or professional corporation as Registered Agent. The state will make the agents name and address known to the general public in the event that someone should need to contact your company.  The state will suspend any company if it fails to maintain an agent.

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What is included in the Registered Agent Services?

Parcorp Services provides the most complete registered agent services available for businesses in all 50 states and many foreign countries.:
  • Official Registered Agent address for your company
  • Telephone/Email Notification of Service of Process
  • Delivery of Service of Process by express courier
  • Online Account Management
  • Automated litigation & routine mail tracking
  • Form & Resource Material Library (7,000+)
  • Online Tax/Compliance Calendar
  • Corporate electronic tax filing (corporation, LLC, LP and GP)
  • Free forwarding of all official correspondence
  • Acceptance of Service of Process on behalf of your company
  • Unlimited changes to forwarding address of the business
  • Provide administrative assistance in the state of incorporation
  • Assistance with other State Qualifications
  • Online access to service tracking & billing information
  • Forwarding or furnishing of tax and compliance forms
  • NEW - Free Access to Corporate Compliance Manager (CCM)
  • Convenient annual invoicing for all company groups

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Can I Act as my own Registered Agent?

Yes, you or any other individual who meets the state requirements and who agrees to act as agent for the company may serve as Registered Agent. However, keep in mind that the Registered Agent’s name and address are made part of the public record. It may be advantageous to use a professional registered agent service if your business is a home based or retail business. Further, you will be allowed to change your actual business address without having to file a change of agent address with the state.

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How much does it cost?
Registered Agent fees are $169 per year payable in advance.  If you register in more than one state the fee drops to $160. You may cancel registered agent services at anytime as long as you provide proof that another agent has been named in the state of incorporation or that the business is no longer active. Remember, in order for your business to maintain good standing status it must also maintain a Registered Agent.


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Reliability of Service
Parcorp is now aligned with a National provider of agent services. So now, no matter where your company operates, we have a professional staff ready to meet your needs. We are always available 365 days a year.

We represent thousands of businesses throughout the world. In the USA, Our Affiliate offices and agents are in every state and the District of Columbia. In each location expert staff schooled in the nuances of their own jurisdiction are on call to handle your needs as they arise.

Our procedures for safeguarding receipt of Service of Process leaves no stone unturned. Time tested and proven, our procedures are built with your protection in mind. Moreover, our professionals are trained to handle matters with exacting standards. Our people, our network, and our systems are focused on one thing only....making certain your needs are satisfied in a timely, accurate and professional manner. Since our focus is solely on Registered Agent Services, our commitment to fulfilling your needs in this critical area never wavers. 

In the unlikely event something goes wrong, we carry Professional Errors and Omissions Liability insurance to further safeguard your interests.

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