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Fail Proof Your Business

Fail-Proof Your Business
By: Paul E. Adams

Avoid the mistakes that cause 80% of businesses to fail. Fail-proof Your Business shows how to prevent potentially fatal business problems from occurring as well as how to save a business that's already in trouble. In addition, this book offers special, often overlooked strategies for business success.

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Certificates (Set of 20)

*Choice of Blue; Green; Brown or Burgundy  *Base reaction - blue green stain *Invisible; embedded fibers - fluoresces yellow  *Two visible; embedded fibers - green and red  *True paper machine watermark *True security level toner anchorage for laser printing *Heat sensitive ink background 

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Embossing Seal

This popular model is a favorite due to its compact size and handling ease. Its high leverage gives you a clean; crisp impression on most available paper stocks. 

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